Forget Olive Oil-- Add Grapeseed Oil to Your Diet

Olive oil has always been considered a 'healthy fat,' but a new study shows another kind of oil might outshine it: grapeseed oil.

The Study

A study conducted at Ohio State University suggests that grapeseed oil might be a better option than olive oil. Grapeseed oil has a higher level of linoleic acid, which results in less fat surrounding vital organs. Grapeseed oil's properties also result in lower inflammation, leaner body mass and a reduced risk of insulin resistance.
Using grapeseed oil might even be a great pro-active effort for those at risk for type 2 diabetes. In the past, it's been shown to reduce midsection fat.

GMOs Are the Culprit

Martha Belury, lead researcher and professor of human nutrition, blames the problem on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). She says foods like vegetable oils are not as high in linoleic acids as they used to be. Genetic modification practices result in a product that the body converts to trans fats.

According to Belury, grapeseed oil still contains about 80 percent of its fatty acids, making it the best choice.

Photo: Skincare QC