5 Best Breakfast Choices for Diabetics

Cereals full of sugar and simple carbohydrates, toast, pancakes and waffles are typical breakfast fare that can start a diabetic off on the wrong foot. It's not a good idea to skip breakfast, though. This can cause blood sugar drops and hunger pangs long before lunch. Try these options for a more sensible breakfast.


A good protein kick will start you off well in the mornings. If you're trying to cut the fat is to omit the egg white in all but one egg. Give your egg breakfast a nutritional kick by making a veggie egg white omelet.

Breakfast Meats

Protein is good, but you have to be careful of the fat content. Opt for lean ham slices, turkey bacon or low-fat turkey sausages.

Sprouted Wheat Bread

If you can't kick the habit of toast or bagels, switch to a sprouted wheat product. Sprouted wheat breads are extremely high in fiber and very filling. Unlike other bread products, they prevent sugar spikes and staves off hunger. A smear of peanut butter makes a healthy topping.


It's okay to eat your cereal, as long as you're choosy about which ones you buy. Pick one with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving, and opt for whole grain or bran cereals.


You can't go wrong with some simple oatmeal, but avoid pre-packaged instant oatmeal with added sugars. Instead, make natural oatmeal and flavor it up yourself. A handful of chopped nuts or a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg will awaken the flavor. Some apple slices or strawberries will sweeten it up.

Photo: Life Stardom