Should Diabetics Get LASIK Surgery?

If you have eyesight problems, you might be tempted to get LASIK surgery to correct it. If you're diabetic, however, you need to know the risks first.

Potential Complications

Diabetes puts the eyes at risk for complications. The slow healing and increased risk of infections in diabetics makes any eye-related procedures more risky.

General Recommendations

The FDA generally does not recommend diabetics getting LASIK surgery due to potential complications. The weakened immune function and risks of post-operative complications generally make diabetics a poor candidate for surgery.

Getting LASIK

Diabetics are not banned from getting LASIK surgery, if it is something you are still considering despite the warnings. It is important, however, that you have your blood sugar levels completely under control. Your A1C tests should be below 7%. You should also have a thorough eye exam and discuss the risk factors with your ophthalmologist.

If your complication risks are low, LASIK surgery might be a good option for you.

Photo: The Lasik Pro