Blood Sugar Monitoring Without the Painful Pricks

A new technology has been invented that might put an end to all those painful finger pricks. This sensor 'tattoo' will allow you to continually monitor your blood sugar without any pain.

The Device

In the past, researchers were trying to invent a blood sugar monitoring wristband, but unfortunately the device they created caused skin irritation. The Department of NanoEngineering, University of California, San Diego, decided to try a different approach.

The 'tattoo' is not a real tattoo in the traditional sense; rather it's a very thin, flexible device that sticks to the skin. It's easier to wear and more comfortable.

How it Works

The device works by biosensors that are able to monitor fluids just under the skin. Early testing showed the device to be accurate. While promising, the test was conducted on a very small group of healthy volunteers. More testing needs to be done.

If it works, it could not only be useful in managing diabetes, but could also help with other conditions like kidney disease.

Photo: Popsci