For Type 2 Diabetics, Gastric Bypass May Be the Best Weight Loss Surgery Option

Some type 2 diabetics get weight loss surgery to help them control diabetes. According to a new study published in "JAMA Surgery," gastric bypass is the best type of weight loss surgery for diabetes control.

The Study

Researchers found that weight loss surgery recipients were 18 times more likely to reverse their diabetes than those who didn't have any procedure. It also found that those who had gastric bypass surgery had the highest success rate, being 43 times more likely to reverse diabetes.

How it Works

Weight loss surgery, more formally known bariatric surgery, is a procedure meant to help people lose weight by removing or restricting a portion of the stomach. With a stomach the size of an egg, patients are physically unable to consume large amounts of food at the risk of becoming ill.

Gastric bypass surgery goes a step further by re-routing the small intestines. This prevents the absorption of much of the calories, fat and sugar from food as it passes through the shorter intestinal tract, as well as a restriction on how much the stomach can hold.


While surgery has shown to be successful, it's not for every diabetic. Bariatric surgery is extreme and recommended only for morbidly obese patients.

Further, the surgery in itself does carry risks for complications. Patients must be vigilant that they’re getting the necessary nutrients, because just as the surgery decreases the absorption of calories and sugar, it also decreases the absorption of vial nutrients into the blood stream. Finally, even after bariatric surgery, patients must stick to a diet plan or they can regain weight and bring back diabetes.

Photo: Telegraph